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10 Songs Challenge [Aiba/Jun as well] by mrsatterthwaite
"All's fair" by honooko
"Aphedhobia" by typesetpress
"Cohabitation" by maiaide
"Critical Success" by mrsatterthwaite
"Drabbles" by lazulisong
"Good morning" by mrsatterthwaite
"How Nino got into Jun's pants(...)"
by blueandflawless

"No choice" by trickylady
"Quixotic" by applepluspie
"Stay here" by trickylady
"Tell me what you want" by typesetpress
"The bare necessities" by applepluspie
"The first time" by midori_kirei
"Things unsaid" (aka "RECLUSE) and as Sequel "Captivation" by midorihaven and trickylady
"Verbal abuse love" by mrsatterthwaite
untitled by anonym
" Child.Minder. " by bostump
"Mezzanine" by jelly_fic
"The song you like" by jelly_fic
"Bump in the Night" 1, 2 by lady_gemma [AU!  Chapter 2 of ?]
"Your Touch" by honooko
"Mindfucking" by mrsatterthwaite + Remix: Getting along by _sine
"objectively" by getyourzexion
"One of those Days" by maiaide
"Mr. Picturesque" by catacombkid
untitled (10 parts) by jelly-fic

"praying for a love in a lap dance" by g-esquared
"come to the edge" by g_esquared
"Fate vs. Probability" 4/? by amnosxmatsujun
"Full Entry: View" by katmilla
"Angles with two faces" by katmilla and atrangerenters AU, complete
"Slipping" by katmilla
"traverse" by miscetera
"see the madness in your smile" by toinkydoink
"small steps" by turtle_ai
"Special Snowflake" by getyouzexion
"Makings of A Miracle" by nakasty
"Once turned upside-down" by aeslis
Appeal" by nicefinalbeam
Untitled Office AU by _sine
"the traces of your tears will scatter" by turtle_ai
"Gentlemen don't kiss and tell" by sunscribble
"Breath" by polyesterflame
"circumspect" b whenyoudesertme
"to the drawing board" by coiled_iris
"falling" by harinezumi_kun
"the smell of ramen" by kokkaii [I GOT A FIC!]
"W/me" by yayhooraywoohoo
rec-website "Behind closed doors" [ 110 fanfictions of Sho x Jun so far]
"5 times jun called sho and one time he got a good answer" by mutekinonna and lost_girl11
"Angry Face" by afterglowmegami
"Blue Blossoms" by lost_girl11
"Good Intentions Part I"  (with JunToshi) Part II by cupcake4mafia
"In a bind" by typesetpress
"Let's play" by ames
"Simplicity" by itsadraft
"The box of ice inside" and "Quiet" [as sequel] by trickylady
"The way things are" 1, 2, 3, 4 (More of the same) [basically gen, though] by still_ciircee
"Violent reaction" by afterglowmegami

"White World" by typesetpress
"Mornings and nights" by bostump
"Special Treatment" by oh_mercy_me
Sooner or Later 1, 2, , 4, Epilogue by ferinough
"time to run" by augustfai [AU!school]
"Boys with Flowers" by oh_mercy_me [AU]
"Perfect" 1, 2, 3, 4 by quartered (not complete!)
"has to be you" by quartered
"everything is okay" by quartered
"5 & 1/2 minute Hallway" 1, 2, 3 by lifeinthebox [AU!]
"Spectacle" by resolute_reader [+ Ohmiya!]
"A Storm in the West" by katmilla and astrangerenters (COMPLETE) AU
"till we cross the sundown" by g-esquared
"The lost" by katmilla and astrangerenters (AU) COMPLETE
"To Sensei with love" by astrangerenters (AU)
The little Doll 1, 2, 3, 4 by kokkai (AU)
"Such a hot mess!" by katmilla
   Remix: "I wanna steal your innocence" by rolling_scone
"The job you want to have" by astrangerenters
"The dam that breaks" by daisuki_dkzen
"Breakfast" by astrangerenters
"the folding water we carry" by miscetera
"Kisu kisushite" by hiro_chan
"Letters to Jun" by mylittlecthulhu
"Gifted" by astrangestorm
"A Step too far" by katmilla
"M4M - The Gyudon Bowl" by astrangestorm
"All roads" by floweranza
"nothing but quiet breaths" by katmilla
"Denial" by resolute_reader
"Ascending" by reversemirror
"Electric" by somanywords2say
"The sweet evening sky begins to fade" by toinkydoink
The Journal 10/10 (AU, complete) by kokkaii
"Andiamo" by bubbly (AU)
"Seven Days" by cherry_armrest
"Veritas" by reversemirror
"Line No. 66" by mylittlecthulhu
"A Café enclosed with a garden" by andiepiano
"T.A.B. Oh, Oh." by whenyoudesertme
"The third man" by astrangerenters (AU, hints of Matsumiya)
"Idolization" by mylittlecthulhu
"foundations" by harinezumi_kun
displacement" by beckerbell
"A Golden Moon" (12/?) by mylittlecthulhu
"Lemon" by notabox
"How Matsujun Got His Groove Back" by beckerbell
"I want somebody" (fluff, OOC) by sutoshi_eigyo
"Our stage"
by trickylady
"Six Things" by souzoushite
"Are the small things enough?" by
matsujuns_gurl [OOC!, fluff)
"Slip" and "Feline" by cherry_armrest
"Like a spider" by kitto_daijoubu2
"Waking the beast" by bunny_d_kate
"of trust and bad days" by mojolove [friendship]
"Tour Bus" by bostumppeh [sakuraiba/juntoshi implied]
"Yesterday" by catacombkid [From dusk til dawn Universe]
"My captain, my leader" by i_am_zan [+ Ohmiya)
"just one thing" by augustfai
"Sunset" by resolute_reader
"Step and Go" by boblemon
"images of broken light" by augustfai
Three times when Jun didn't get his first date with Ohno and one time when he kind of did" by je-sessho
"Ohno in wonderland"  (6/6) by boblemon
"The long way around" by still_ciircee
"pinapple for you" by applepluspie
"Finding the lines" by mylittlecthulhu
"Space Bar" by yayhooraywoohoo
"a place to bloom" by augustfai
"The thief" by kokkaii
"Rolling in the deep" by sunscribble
"A series of attempts to by matsumoto jun to paint his fingernails" by cimorene
"Big brother" by arashic0804
"Gravity" by fuzzynotebook
"Error 404" [AU] by panpipe
"Field of Flowers" by maiaide
"five things aiba notices and remembers about jun through the years" by 13papernotes (?)
"Heat" by kit_rin
"I told the stars above" by waxrose (!)
"Immersion Therapy 1"  2a, 2b by polydora [complete]
"me domyouji, you makino" by 13papernotes
"Running Men" by llemonlime
"second chance" by notabox
"six photoshoots from the nightmares of matsumoto jun" by waxrose
"somewhere, along the line" by abhihita [AU! sort of]
"the first five times" 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 [AU! not complete stand 08.12.06] by lazulisong
"To be young" by applepluspie
Untitled - but about One Love PV by kegom
"with or without you" by crux_australis
"What if" by ... maiaide
 "you're the catalyst (that makes things faster)" by littlealex
Just like all those girls by cimness + following sequels:
   Happy Birthday to Me
       Like Flying
            Just one of the boys
                  The virtue of repetition

"Confluence" by floweranza
"3 different ways aiba and jun's relationship..." by loweranza
"just a little prince and his rose" by augustfai
"While they wait" by aesthetic
"Counterbalance" by verde_ivy
let's try redefining beautiful" by g_esquared
"Liminality" by floweranza [Ohmiya, Aiba/Arashi]
"Nor Any Drop to Drin" by miscetera
"When stars collide"  by sparklynoondles
"Eat your heart out" by mylittlecthulhu
"Waking" by honooko
"An Arashi Kiss - Be aware of shovels" by floweranza
"I'll kiss your shadow" by flying_spaceman
"Couldn't Say, Can't Tell You" by still_ciircee
"Would you mind if I stay" by reversemirror
      Remix: "Beating Heart" by floweranza

"Shift and Accerelate" by kailice
"Just Risky, Just Right" by yayhooraywoohoo
"Of fake snow and pancakes" by maibachan
"Springtime Concerto" by aridseas
From the Mixed-up Files of Aiba Masaki, (Amateur) Detective by helenmaldon

OT5 Recs

Jan. 22nd, 2015 10:32 pm
Arashi, gen, (other pairings implied):
"OT5" Rec-Site
"Advantages of a hotel room" by kegom
Drabble - 'Like marriage' by eufrastina
"Five things Jun's bandmates do wrong..." by lazulisong
Five Times Nino Almost Got Killed" by lazulisong
"Five times Ohno was a very curious boy" by feigningsleep
"Five ways Arashi..." by wintersjuly
"For Matsujun's own good" by beckerbell
"Four Ways Arashi has Wardrobe Malfunctions, and One Way They Plan It" by typesetpress
"Guardian Angel" by typesetpress
Making the Connection" by waxrose [JunxArashi]
"Ohmiya SK Wedding" by reversemirror [Ohmiya]
"Really that bad" by lazulisong [ShoxArashi]
"Remedial Dating" by honooko
"Still" by waxrose
"Ten ways Arashi take care of their own" by merren/moonbyrd
"Therapy" by trickylady [JunxArashi]
"Five Times Someone in Arashi was Diseased and..." by kegom
Don't dream it - Be it" by rightbacktoyou
"assuming" by cupcake4mafia
"the 10 myths of matsumoto jun" by binmusic [mostly gen, matsumiya implied]
"Slow Kisses" by 15th_moon
"Ask Arashi" by kanesu
"Twisting the Rules" by beckerbell [Aiba/Ohno/Jun]
"Soundness of Judgement" by bostump [Arashi/Jun]
"Touch and other (non)Senses" by happenstanc3 [Nino/Jun/Ohno]
"breath normally" by genki_grandma
Rollercoaster by littlealex
An art in its own right by bclar
"Anniversary" by honooko
"fall, fall (there will be hands to catch you)" by xplodey_di
"All together now" by primeroseshows
"5 ways Arashi never met" by incrediblygone
Household Series" by terebi_ko [AU! OOC!]
Taboo, Obedience, Punishment by cherry_armrest (Jun/Sho/Ohno NC-17!!!)
"Rainbow coloured tears" by sunscribble
"This animal" by theproudpenguin
"Do They Have Hot Glue Guns In Hell?" by astrangestorm
Twelfth Song by solesakuma
"Smells like member-ai" by waxrose

"Trust" by katokathy [Sho/Nino AU]
Music is communism, but you're playing democracy + epiloge by __sine
"Of tomorrows" by augustfai (Junba, Juntoshi, Sakumiya)
"Kiss me (But not really)" by aegistheia
"After School" by boblemon
"The morning after" by harinezumi_kun
Untitled Mafia!AU by sunscribble
"Mechanical" by theotheralissa

"One Two Three Four Five" [AU] by nino_arashi

Friction" by ayume_matsumoto [basically JunToshi] though]
Of Turtles and Hares" by kegom

"Birthday wishes" [Aiba/Jun/Shun] by night_inscriber

Fic request meme of cupcake4mafia [Ficlets]
Untitled by korette_destiny
"Cold without you" by nyagcpinkuneko
"what are you afraid of" by twotiming


50 sentences 1-25   26-50 by leave_untouched


FanFic-List by capncosmo
Home by still_ciircee

best served cold by waxrose
when all the clouds darken up the sky + the war of the universe by waxrose

"Far away" by amtopm_xx (so far 7 parts)
"Collage" by ohmeeyuh

Naruse/Kenta   Domyouji/Momo  Taro/Kouichi etc:
Nuptials + Prequel/Sequel + part3 by oviparous

Of giraffe costumes and confusing boys by jelly_fic

"Wishes You Didn't Make" by cakeorfic


"Needs more Snuggling" by solesakuma
Of Ulcers, Mistakes and Angry Hedgehogs
+ Self-preservation
Remix: "Every new beginning" by mrsatterthwaite
"Hangin' with the Boys" by yuumei_nata
"Talk to me" 1, 2, 3, 4 by auburn_witch
"how many pirates does it take to bake a cake?" by rolling_scones

Love and War" by mrsatterthwaite

Toma/ Jun
"Quizás, Quizás, Quizás" by catacombkid
"I'd be lying if I told you" by g_esquared
You know they're reflecting over the first concert. - They were so young. heeeh~
So after watching the final thoughts of the Suppin Con, here we go: