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You know they're reflecting over the first concert. - They were so young. heeeh~
So after watching the final thoughts of the Suppin Con, here we go:


# OF OCURSE Jun had to mention that they do made mistakes (but it was of course fun nontheless) - so early so critical, huh. (> Tendency 1: Critical Matsujun)
And Nino was... cute. Damn he's cute (Didn't it seem that he's talking with the members during his interview parts - and not speaking to the camera? Like they were watching aaaall the time?)

# At the begining Matsujun thought that Nino was mature... nino, mature... nyaahahaha.. But then he takes it back and said Nino seemed like the youngest by then.
And what is Nino saying? - Not a second later?: Matsujun's like the oldest, adult-like.

# Sho's first MC was a little bit boring - he said. (Tendency 2: T NO ARASHI XDDD) so Ohno and Aiba helped him, ne. Member-Ai A+

# D-did Aiba-chan said MATSUJUN IS MEAN? (nyaahahaha, Tendency 3: DoS Matsujun). And he talked about the ideas Matsujun had (Tendency 4: MatsuJuns ideas) - and did... You really really see where it all leads to, now nine years later... it's amazing.

# Ohno says his members are SCARY (Tendency 5)! helloooooo step and go making of...

# ... A second later, Jun describes Ohno as CUTE (REALLY CUTE, he adds)... it really is... (Tendency 6: JunToshi)

OI! I mean I read about it, Jun being the fan of Sho, b-but SEEING it...
"Because he's smart, I became a fan" *patpat* Matsujun... and adding "I'm happy" - this is so... you know misleading, Because SHO's actually EMBARRESD and gets shy and... PURE SAKUMOTO-Love (i would've never thought that the relationship was like this! nowadays you don't see Jun looking up to Sho - at all) saying "Well it seems like he likes me" - grinning! And then asking Jun (who stands right next to him, listening to the interview all.the.time) "You're my ichiban fan, right?" [very proud] and Jun confirmed (with a piece sign) "Your ichban fan, MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE" [very proud] and Sho asking: "IS IT LOVE? OR LIKE" - hello???
hsbfdjsc nfdvöfdmk,fpwösla.x!!!
(and Jun replying "Because were guys, it's different". I seeeee, totally convincing, yes. Jun... - and Sho disappointed "that makes me mad (he wanted to say SAD!"))

# then, what they want to do from now on:
Jun: Do a play or musical together


Ohno: We'll need a place (for orgies). I'll look for a place to sing and dance (together... happy on the rainbow) - Riida... ILUSM!

# As Sho reflects and end - Jun is clapping (very proud FAN!) and Sho's like "Oi, did you watch the whole time" and Jun says "Just checking every thing" ... And comes down to Sho and... Sho said "You're strange but your presence is interesting" and Jun's so happy about it...

I'll ship SakuMoto even harder  -  god damn it!

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