Jan. 22nd, 2018

rec-website "Behind closed doors" [ 110 fanfictions of Sho x Jun so far]
"5 times jun called sho and one time he got a good answer" by mutekinonna and lost_girl11
"Angry Face" by afterglowmegami
"Blue Blossoms" by lost_girl11
"Good Intentions Part I"  (with JunToshi) Part II by cupcake4mafia
"In a bind" by typesetpress
"Let's play" by ames
"Simplicity" by itsadraft
"The box of ice inside" and "Quiet" [as sequel] by trickylady
"The way things are" 1, 2, 3, 4 (More of the same) [basically gen, though] by still_ciircee
"Violent reaction" by afterglowmegami

"White World" by typesetpress
"Mornings and nights" by bostump
"Special Treatment" by oh_mercy_me
Sooner or Later 1, 2, , 4, Epilogue by ferinough
"time to run" by augustfai [AU!school]
"Boys with Flowers" by oh_mercy_me [AU]
"Perfect" 1, 2, 3, 4 by quartered (not complete!)
"has to be you" by quartered
"everything is okay" by quartered
"5 & 1/2 minute Hallway" 1, 2, 3 by lifeinthebox [AU!]
"Spectacle" by resolute_reader [+ Ohmiya!]
"A Storm in the West" by katmilla and astrangerenters (COMPLETE) AU
"till we cross the sundown" by g-esquared
"The lost" by katmilla and astrangerenters (AU) COMPLETE
"To Sensei with love" by astrangerenters (AU)
The little Doll 1, 2, 3, 4 by kokkai (AU)
"Such a hot mess!" by katmilla
   Remix: "I wanna steal your innocence" by rolling_scone
"The job you want to have" by astrangerenters
"The dam that breaks" by daisuki_dkzen
"Breakfast" by astrangerenters
"the folding water we carry" by miscetera
"Kisu kisushite" by hiro_chan
"Letters to Jun" by mylittlecthulhu
"Gifted" by astrangestorm
"A Step too far" by katmilla
"M4M - The Gyudon Bowl" by astrangestorm
"All roads" by floweranza
"nothing but quiet breaths" by katmilla
"Denial" by resolute_reader
"Ascending" by reversemirror
"Electric" by somanywords2say
"The sweet evening sky begins to fade" by toinkydoink
The Journal 10/10 (AU, complete) by kokkaii
"Andiamo" by bubbly (AU)
"Seven Days" by cherry_armrest
"Veritas" by reversemirror
"Line No. 66" by mylittlecthulhu
"A Café enclosed with a garden" by andiepiano
"T.A.B. Oh, Oh." by whenyoudesertme
"The third man" by astrangerenters (AU, hints of Matsumiya)
"Idolization" by mylittlecthulhu
"foundations" by harinezumi_kun

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