Jan. 22nd, 2016

"A series of attempts to by matsumoto jun to paint his fingernails" by cimorene
"Big brother" by arashic0804
"Gravity" by fuzzynotebook
"Error 404" [AU] by panpipe
"Field of Flowers" by maiaide
"five things aiba notices and remembers about jun through the years" by 13papernotes (?)
"Heat" by kit_rin
"I told the stars above" by waxrose (!)
"Immersion Therapy 1"  2a, 2b by polydora [complete]
"me domyouji, you makino" by 13papernotes
"Running Men" by llemonlime
"second chance" by notabox
"six photoshoots from the nightmares of matsumoto jun" by waxrose
"somewhere, along the line" by abhihita [AU! sort of]
"the first five times" 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 [AU! not complete stand 08.12.06] by lazulisong
"To be young" by applepluspie
Untitled - but about One Love PV by kegom
"with or without you" by crux_australis
"What if" by ... maiaide
 "you're the catalyst (that makes things faster)" by littlealex
Just like all those girls by cimness + following sequels:
   Happy Birthday to Me
       Like Flying
            Just one of the boys
                  The virtue of repetition

"Confluence" by floweranza
"3 different ways aiba and jun's relationship..." by loweranza
"just a little prince and his rose" by augustfai
"While they wait" by aesthetic
"Counterbalance" by verde_ivy
let's try redefining beautiful" by g_esquared
"Liminality" by floweranza [Ohmiya, Aiba/Arashi]
"Nor Any Drop to Drin" by miscetera
"When stars collide"  by sparklynoondles
"Eat your heart out" by mylittlecthulhu
"Waking" by honooko
"An Arashi Kiss - Be aware of shovels" by floweranza
"I'll kiss your shadow" by flying_spaceman
"Couldn't Say, Can't Tell You" by still_ciircee
"Would you mind if I stay" by reversemirror
      Remix: "Beating Heart" by floweranza

"Shift and Accerelate" by kailice
"Just Risky, Just Right" by yayhooraywoohoo
"Of fake snow and pancakes" by maibachan
"Springtime Concerto" by aridseas
From the Mixed-up Files of Aiba Masaki, (Amateur) Detective by helenmaldon

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