Jan. 22nd, 2015

OT5 Recs

Jan. 22nd, 2015 10:32 pm
Arashi, gen, (other pairings implied):
"OT5" Rec-Site
"Advantages of a hotel room" by kegom
Drabble - 'Like marriage' by eufrastina
"Five things Jun's bandmates do wrong..." by lazulisong
Five Times Nino Almost Got Killed" by lazulisong
"Five times Ohno was a very curious boy" by feigningsleep
"Five ways Arashi..." by wintersjuly
"For Matsujun's own good" by beckerbell
"Four Ways Arashi has Wardrobe Malfunctions, and One Way They Plan It" by typesetpress
"Guardian Angel" by typesetpress
Making the Connection" by waxrose [JunxArashi]
"Ohmiya SK Wedding" by reversemirror [Ohmiya]
"Really that bad" by lazulisong [ShoxArashi]
"Remedial Dating" by honooko
"Still" by waxrose
"Ten ways Arashi take care of their own" by merren/moonbyrd
"Therapy" by trickylady [JunxArashi]
"Five Times Someone in Arashi was Diseased and..." by kegom
Don't dream it - Be it" by rightbacktoyou
"assuming" by cupcake4mafia
"the 10 myths of matsumoto jun" by binmusic [mostly gen, matsumiya implied]
"Slow Kisses" by 15th_moon
"Ask Arashi" by kanesu
"Twisting the Rules" by beckerbell [Aiba/Ohno/Jun]
"Soundness of Judgement" by bostump [Arashi/Jun]
"Touch and other (non)Senses" by happenstanc3 [Nino/Jun/Ohno]
"breath normally" by genki_grandma
Rollercoaster by littlealex
An art in its own right by bclar
"Anniversary" by honooko
"fall, fall (there will be hands to catch you)" by xplodey_di
"All together now" by primeroseshows
"5 ways Arashi never met" by incrediblygone
Household Series" by terebi_ko [AU! OOC!]
Taboo, Obedience, Punishment by cherry_armrest (Jun/Sho/Ohno NC-17!!!)
"Rainbow coloured tears" by sunscribble
"This animal" by theproudpenguin
"Do They Have Hot Glue Guns In Hell?" by astrangestorm
Twelfth Song by solesakuma
"Smells like member-ai" by waxrose

"Trust" by katokathy [Sho/Nino AU]
Music is communism, but you're playing democracy + epiloge by __sine
"Of tomorrows" by augustfai (Junba, Juntoshi, Sakumiya)
"Kiss me (But not really)" by aegistheia
"After School" by boblemon
"The morning after" by harinezumi_kun
Untitled Mafia!AU by sunscribble
"Mechanical" by theotheralissa

"One Two Three Four Five" [AU] by nino_arashi

Friction" by ayume_matsumoto [basically JunToshi] though]
Of Turtles and Hares" by kegom

"Birthday wishes" [Aiba/Jun/Shun] by night_inscriber

Fic request meme of cupcake4mafia [Ficlets]

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